Omegacare - LTPAC Software Systems

Our Beginning

OmegaCare was created in 1982 with the mission to develop the industry's most robust clinical software platform for nursing homes and post-acute care. Today, we are recognized as one of the nation's leading providers of health information technology solutions, as our software is helping transform long term care operations with astonishing results.

Our Coverage

OmegaCare's software solutions are installed in healthcare settings throughout the United States by a comprehensive implementation and customer support team of high-level engineers and IT experts. The Oklahoma corporate offices maintain the research and development team as well as support, training, and central administration. The Sales and Marketing teams are located in satellite offices in New York City and New Jersey.

Our Future

With over 20 years of successful development and implementation, OmegaCare is dedicated to enhancing and augmenting Long Term Care operations through the use of technology, allowing the facilities to concentrate on Patient Care. Developed for Long Term Care, by Long Term Care operators, we have never shifted our focus to other markets and will continue on our path to providing the most comprehensive clinical and financial software for the nursing homes we serve.

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