Omegacare - LTPAC Software Systems


System Review

The Systems Review is a learning tool for both the client and OmegaCare regarding any unique organizational requirements. Prior to the commencement of the systems review, OmegaCare will forward copies of OmegaCare System Documentation for the client to review. This, in combination with any previous OmegaCare demonstrations, allows the client to be well informed with regard to the functionality available within OmegaCare before the systems review meetings take place.

During the systems review meetings, the client learns in detail how the OmegaCare System performs on-line and periodical tasks. OmegaCare reviews the details within each module including all screens, all reports, system flow, job flow, and data elements collected. An OmegaCare Project Manager and an Application Specialist travel to the client's facility, meeting with appropriate client staff members and reviewing the entire suite of modules that the client is implementing OmegaCare.

The OmegaCare system is thoroughly tested prior to beginning training to make sure your system operates according to the System Design. Testing procedures continue throughout the implementation process. All enhancements and modifications made to your system will also be thoroughly tested to insure quality customer service. After rigorous testing by OmegaCare and the client, the training process begins.

Training support prior to go live is provided by OmegaCare on-site at the client's facility. OmegaCare and the staff at the client site will create a training plan based upon your implementation time frames. Please see the Training Page for more information.

Data Migration
At your option, OmegaCare can provide complete conversion support to the Client. This support includes writing programs to serve as tools to bring data from the existing system to the new OmegaCare System. In our 25 year history, OmegaCare has performed consistently successful conversions. All conversion programs are thoroughly tested and approved prior to the conversion taking place. This detailed support streamlines the total implementation process.

The comprehensive, ongoing support offered by OmegaCare insures that the client will continue to grow as the needs of the organization change. OmegaCare is proposing a dynamic, comprehensive solution to the immediate and long-term needs of the organization. Please see the Account Management for more information.

Quick Tweets
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