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Real Life Origins\n\n Trollface (also known as Troll Face) originates from a comic made by Carlos Ramirez,📉 also known online as Whynne. Originally posted on DeviantArt, the iconic face is said by Whynne himself to be based📉 off of the "Rape Rodent" face.
The first rage faces appeared in comics on 4chan around the middle of 2007. Though the original number📉 of characters was small, they carried the undeniable traits of rage faces as we recognize them today.
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes place in a fictional country called Urzikstan, a mixture of Syria💵 and Afghanistan, and includes the fictional group Al-Qatala. Yes, Al-Qatala. Aggregating real places and groups into fictional ones makes things💵 easier creatively.
Havana is the capital of Cuba and its largest city, followed by Santiago de💵 Cuba. Cuba appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold💵 War. In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Cuba is a member nation of the Common Defense Pact.

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In a UFC no contest result, fighters typically do get paid for the fight. The specific payment💱 terms may vary based on the fighters' contracts and the policies of the UFC. However, it is common for fighters💱 to receive at least a portion of their contracted purse, regardless of the outcome of the fight.
One of the most memorable was between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz in 2024. While Silva won the fight by💱 unanimous decision, the result was overturned to no contest when it was found that he tested positive for two drugs,💱 while Diaz tested positive for marijuana.

The Bayern Munich vs PSG match is scheduled for kick-off at 01:30 AM IST on Thursday.
The Barcelona vs Real Madrid football match starts at 7:45 PM Indian Standard Time (IST) and will🎉 be live streamed and live telecast in India.

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Red Ball (informally Red Ball 1) is the first installment in the Red Ball franchise, created in📉 2008.
RedBall was created in 2001📉 by contemporary artist Kurt Perschke. Perschke is best known for his works in sculpture, video, collage, set design and public📉 space.

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