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OmegaCare believes in the importance of getting your facility off to a great start.

We will install your application hardware, provide initial conversion instructions and supervision, and train your staff in the operation of OmegaCare's applications. We offer defined plans for installation and training as well as the flexibility to meet your facility's needs and preferences.

Before the installation and training period begins, you and your OmegaCare Customer Support Consultant will plan a training schedule. This ensures that we address specific areas of importance to you and that installation and training is completed in a timely manner. The training period is considered complete when you have signed the training completion forms supplied by the OmegaCare Customer Support Consultant.

Training Plans You choose the training plan that best fits your needs:

On Site
lity Training An OmegaCare Customer Support Consultant travels to your facility and instructs you and your staff on system mechanics, oversees the initial conversion of your data, and instructs you on the operation of your system.

Train the Trainer
OmegaCare Consultant provides training to a specific group of client staff members who, upon completion of this course, will have the expertise to train other staff on the applications. These trainers can then take over the responsibility for traveling to facilities within your organization to train facility staff on the use of the software.

OmegaCare recognizes that education is a never-ending process. It is our goal to provide as much up-to-date information and training opportunities as we can for our staff and clients alike.

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