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e-Pharmacy Supply Chain

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The OmegaCare LinkRx vertical information pharmacy portal is an online facility "link" to successful pharmacy supply chain management.  gone are the days of paper based orders, refill sheets, and calling the dispensing pharmacy to track the status of an order.

Now, through a secure HIPAA compliant web based applicaiton, facilities and pharmacies have real time access to clinical and financial data that streamlines efficiency and maximizes operational effectiveness.

Whether you are interested in order placement, supply chain tracking, facility drug costs, or payor formulary adherence, LinkRx is your tool for immediate dispensing pharmacy service and analytics.

Tired of replacing the toner in your fax machine?

LinkRx provides immediate access to all components of electronic medication management including:

New Order Entry
Refill Requests - Barcode Scan/Bulk, or by resident
Comprehensive Formulary Control with Financial Impact Alerts
Order Discontinuation
Order Changes
Supply Chain Status
Resident Medication Profiles
Pharmacy delivery Check-In
Virtual Inventory Quantities

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