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Closed Door Pharmacies

OmegaCare is a comprehensive solution for closed door pharmacies. The software was designed through the collaborative efforts of pharmacists with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The software was created out of the need to improve workflow efficiency and provide the pharmacists with the ability to perform tasks and access data within one click. The final product addressed all the issues faced by the founders and quadrupled their efficiency. Rather than being swamped by stacks of paperwork and slowed down by inflexible software, OmegaCare allows pharmacies to spend more time with their patients.

Our intuitive web based software allows your pharmacy to electronically

Recieve new orders
Recieve Refill requests
Alert for Refill Too Soons
Create Facility, Payor, or resident based formularies
Alert for Financial Impact for Formulary non-Compliance
Alert to Order Changes
Barcode process deliveries
View Virtual inventories
Create online Invoicing
and much more...
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